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From: Dave Dean

CEO, Riskmonitor Ltd


Hi – you’re here with us, so I’m guessing you’ve been tasked with fire safety. Maybe the Fire Brigade has given you an Improvement Notice (or worse)? Or you’ve spotted a fire hazard that needs a frank assessment? Or maybe it’s just in your diary – inspection time again?

Either way, we all have the same duty under law: to assess all risks and fire hazards, take remedial action and regularly review our fire management systems.


The stakes are high.


I dare say you’ve read about major companies like Tesco and Peacocks receiving heavy fines, simply for being ill-prepared. And when a fire actually happens, penalties can be severe. Fines and court costs will run to thousands – and as the person responsible you could even face jail time.


Here at Riskmonitor, our job is to stop all that from happening.


All our Fire Risk Assessors have been hand-picked. Most are fire service veterans with over 20 years experience, including at least 5 years in the fire safety department. Others are Health & Safety experts, fully trained in fire safety. And we’re currently working with the FIA to achieve BAFE SP205 certification by December 2017.

Quite simply, we refuse to put your building – and your people – at risk, so we’ve recruited a national team of fire safety experts…and between us, we’ve developed an intensive assessment process.


A Fire Risk Assessment is a safety exercise –
not a sales opportunity!

So what does your assessment look like?


We’ll check your current procedures and documentation first, and ask about the fire risks and hazards in the building. Then we’ll walk through to check for hazards that might have gone unnoticed, and tell you if your current process is up to the task.

We’re thorough. We’ll consider every type of emergency and how you’re going to cope. We’ll look at how you’ve communicated the policy to staff. We’ll check your log book to see if you’re meeting regulations.


Nothing…and I do mean nothing…is ever left to chance.


On the flip-side though, we’ll never over-compensate. Unlike so many assessors, we won’t make pointless, sweeping recommendations that cost the earth. We’re here to help you keep people safe – not to fill your building with equipment you’ll never need.

In the past, I’ve seen premises where almost every door is a fire door – when a single fire door in the right place would have done the job.

And I’ve seen emergency lighting fitted for the sake of it. I’ve seen it in buildings that are never used in the hours of darkness – even in spaces that borrow light from windows and street lamps outside!

Worst of all, we once assessed a school and counted their fire extinguishers. Incredibly, they’d been sold 53 more than they needed.


I know you can’t put a cost on safety. But there’s safe, and there’s excessive. By doing things sensibly, we can help you save lives and save you money.

“Yes, but have you ever assessed a building like mine?”

I’d expect so, yes. To date, we’ve carried out over 10,000 assessments, and that’s taken us into just about every type of building:

Banks…blocks of flats…shops…factories…schools…office blocks…government buildings…HMOs…leisure centres…care homes…power stations…public toilets…pubs…clubs…restaurants…sheltered housing…bullion centres…the list goes on…

Every building we assess brings its own set of challenges. But we’ve been at this a long time now. There’s not much we haven’t seen.

What happens after the assessment?


Once we’ve identified every issue, you’ll receive a comprehensive written report. It’s all there: findings, recommendations and everything else you need to implement, run and communicate your new fire management system.

Inside your report, you’ll find:

  • A Certificate of Risk Assessment, for public display
  • A method statement, showing the standards used in your assessment
  • Hazard profiles, showing potential fire sources and dangerous materials – along with your control measures and any remedial steps
  • A full fire report, to highlight every compliance issue
  • An action plan: our recommendations, priorities and timescales
  • A fire log book to record and plan maintenance and training
  • An employee section to help you communicate roles and responsibilities

Plus, in case the worst ever happens:

  • A mitigation plan – including CAD drawings and hazards –
    to help the fire brigade tackle an incident on site

We’ll also give you 3 months free access to RAMIS* – our market leading compliance software that’s used by thousands of UK organisations


Imagine you had a co-worker who remembered every last detail. Who sat there quietly, then reminded you, like clockwork, when testing and maintenance dates were looming.

Someone you could call on at a second’s notice for an up-to-date report on all your compliance issues – not just fire safety, but every Health & Safety obligation like accidents, vehicles, asbestos, legionella, training, maintenance, assets…

Think how much time, anguish and paperwork you’d be saving.

Well that’s what RAMIS does. Upload your latest assessment details…testing schedules, certificates…and it tells you when each compliance task is coming up. Plus, it gives you live reports on every type of activity. So you can monitor tasks by property, region or building type, and manage workflow or contractors. All through one simple cloud-based system.

You’ll never forget another assessment or be surprised by another audit…and you’ll be saving up to 50% of the time you spend on compliance


So, can we talk?


I can’t give you a cost here, because every type of building is different. Right now, all I can say is, as your fire safety partner, we’re here to give you maximum safety with minimum expense. We’ll never put lives at risk, or burden you with avoidable costs.

From here, the next step is to take a look at the specifics.

So I’m inviting you to speak to one of my safety team. Just fill in some details here and I promise we’ll call you back within one working hour.

There’s no commitment, no obligation…and you’ll be talking to a member of our fire safety team, not a sales rep.

I’m looking forward to working with you – and to helping you keep everyone safe on your premises.

Yours faithfully

A few words from our customers

“Our professional contractor who provides a reliable service in supporting us to reduce fire risk in our diverse range of establishments. They provide a comprehensive, reliable and knowledgeable service. They are always willing to offer support, advice and guidance on any fire associated issue. The level of detail contained within their report is second to none. They are an outstanding company to work with and I would willingly recommend them to any company looking for assistance with fire risk assessments.”

Jayne Slocombe
Senior Safety Officer and Fire Advisor
Somerset County Council

“A professional, reliable and friendly service, undoubtedly playing a major role by partnering with Bron Afon to help manage, monitor and reduce our fire risks. Very quick to respond to any communication with any current Bron Afon fire risk issues with their expertise and knowledge and always on the end of the phone to provide any help, advice or guidance. We have currently been working together to design and deliver bespoke fire training awareness to all levels of staff within Bron Afon from Project Managers, Team Leaders, Site Supervisors and Community Housing Officers and highlighting what their roles and responsibilities are with the current British fire standards. I cannot speak highly enough of this company but I don’t want to go overboard as it might not sound genuine.”

Neville Brown
Property Services – Senior Surveyor (Facilities)
Bron Afon Community Housing

“The Council has received excellent service from Riskmonitor, who as a company, are committed to providing the best service possible. Riskmonitor are a professional company that has offered Caerphilly Council a bespoke service which has assisted in raising safety standards across the County Borough. They are regarded as a valued partner in supporting new and innovative IT solutions to health and safety related tasks within the RAMIS System. Due to the fire risks within the buildings owned by the Council, quality rather than cost has been the main criteria for procurement evaluation, normally based on a 60-40 (quality – cost split).”

Donna Jones
Service Manager, Health & Safety Welfare
Caerphilly County Borough Council

“With over 1900 buildings throughout the UK, HSBC needed an effective and efficient system for undertaking Fire Risk Assessments. We also needed to be able to record, analyse, manage and update the results in a modern, simple and real time manner. The Riskmonitor system went through a rigorous selection and tendering process against other products and in our estimation offered the most innovative approach. Overall Riskmonitor has proven the right product for HSBC.”

Chris Hargreaves
Senior Manager, Health, Safety & Fire

“I’ve been working with Riskmonitor for the past 10 years throughout this time they have provided an excellent service and demonstrated a willingness to support our department in all aspects of fire safety.”

Adrian Jenkins
Principle Building Surveyor
Torfaen County Borough Council

“The service provided by the staff is excellent. The risk assessor will contact me if there are any urgent concerns and will discuss any actions identified as required. The service has not caused any issues or complaints from our residents.”

Emma Pearson
Health and Safety Advisor
Newport City Homes

Your Guarantee

We know you’re putting your safety and reputation in our hands – so to ease any doubts, we’re offering you our full guarantee:

If you’re not happy with the quality or the service we provide, we’ll refund your investment 100%

* You’ll have 3 months free access to RAMIS, so we can show you how government bodies, SMEs and corporations UK-wide are spending less time on compliance, more on day to day operations. After 3 months, if you agree it’s an easy option, the daily fee will be less than a carry-out from your local coffee shop. Please request a call back for latest pricing and offers.

CEO, Riskmonitor Ltd

P.S. Remember, your staff and customers have a right to safety. So you have a responsibility…and by extension, so do we.

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